Parking Lot and Street Sweeping

Our parking lot vacuum sweepers are the best paid in the industry, and they possess the skill and care to service any property. With flexible scheduling and power sweeper trucks that are equipped to handle many kinds of debris, C&M can customize a street sweeping services regimen that both suits your needs and fits your budget. Furthermore, we regularly inspect our properties to ensure the highest quality of parking lot cleaning services and the greatest customer satisfaction. C&M’s parking lot and parking structure sweeping services include the following:
  • Backpack blowing all common areas, curbs, corners, walkways, streets, bumper stops, islands, planters, trash areas, trash bin enclosures, building exteriors, and other areas inaccessible to parking lot vacuum sweepers
  • Hand-picking litter, heavy items, and garbage from such areas as sidewalks, curbs, corners, and planters
  • Cleaning all open areas with a parking lot vacuum sweeper
  • Cleaning trash areas and bin enclosures with a shovel, broom, and blower and vacuum-sweeping its contents (dumped items, such as furniture or large appliances, may also be hauled upon request)
  • Regular inspections of overall order and cleanliness, and reporting of the following: illegally dumped trash, graffiti, vandalism, potholes and other poor asphalt conditions, vagrants, safety hazards, abandoned vehicles, and landscape problems (e.g., broken sprinklers)
Along with parking lot sweeping, we provide every aspect of street and road maintenance including pothole repair and striping. As a city planner or municipal manager, it is imperative to ensure your community has a clean and safe infrastructure. See how C&M Parking Lot Sweepers, LLC. can provide municipal sweeping services for your residents and visitors. We provide these additional services throughout the communities we service:

If your parking lot is dirty, it's not my asphalt!

Enclosed or open space parking areas, parking lots and parking garages each benefit from high quality power sweeping services, increasing lifespan of structure and safety for patrons. Contact us today to see how we can save you time, money and aggravation from safety issues.