C&M Parking Lot Sweepers was started back in 2015 by Chris and Michelle Griffin, due to a Walmart being built in our small home town of Adel, Georgia. Chris an entrepreneur while speaking with the manager of the newly built Walmart was asked do you know of anyone that sweeps parking lots? Chris while researching for the manager became intrigued and having a business mind noticed the opportunity. Since buying the first truck C&M Parking Lot Sweepers has expanded the business to not only Sweeping retail stores, restaurants, hotels/ motels, grocery stores, shopping centers, industrial and municipalities. C&M Parking Lot Sweepers offers the services of parking lot striping and pressure washing.

C&M Parking Lot Sweepers is also featured in North American Sweeper Magazine. (HERE)

If your parking lot is dirty, it's not my asphalt!

We at C&M Parking Lot Sweepers offer a wide variety of services for the Valdosta, Georgia and Adel, Georgia areas including Parking lot Sweeping, Parking Lot Striping, Pressure Washing and several associated services specifically geared to keep your property in excellent shape.